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vTuner Device API

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Internet Radio and Video can be integrated into every Media Device to enable the user to access a wealth of Internet Radio- and Video Stations.  


Together with vTuner Inc., RigiSystems AG licenses a highly portable and easy to use device application with a programmable interface. This cuts down the time for integration of vTuner dramatically.


The reference Application (API) provides an easy to use navigation, as well as a search function within the vTuner Station basis. 


The vTuner bibliothek is established in pure ANSI C and therefore guarantees a simple portability to almost all operation systems and programm environments.     


The vTuner device API supports the following vTuner API features:


  • Secure device LOGIN
  • BACKUP server
  • Station BROWSING
  • ON-DEMAND shows
  • Radio station SEARCH
  • Customizable BOOKMARKS
  • Local WEATHER information
  • Display of RSS feeds
  • Data PAGING for low memory footprint 
  • CACHING for high browsing responsiveness