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RigiSystems is your partner for demanding development tasks. Our focus is the extension of the PC-Platform by means of building up networks with special interfaces. Networking embedded Systems including the PC-Platform offers very cost efficient soutions. Rigisystems supports you with system design, designs and develops Hardware, Software, Drivers and Application-Software for Microsoft XP, Vista und Windows 7 as well as Apple OS-X.


We design and develop Software and Hardwaresolutions with standardized Interfaces such as USB 2.0, Ethernet, CAN, MOST, Firewire, Flexray. In this context we focus on high quality and first class services complying to industrial standards such as  AutoSAR, DO 178 B or GAMP, depending on the area of usage. 


We develop modules and complete devices (systems) for industrial applications as well as for the medical technology. We realize your Product from the Idea to Completion for mass produktion.



Engineering Services


RigiSystems provides customer tailored product engineering services, including:

  • Requirement analysis, feasibility study and consulting
  • Project planning, design and costing of hardware & software
  • Project management, contracting, controlling and supervision
  • Hardware and software design, prototyping and industrialization
  • Software implementation, porting, software refactoring,  integration & testing, development of test benches
  • Electronic design industrialization, CEM contracting and production monitoring

Driver Development

  • Design and implement custom device drivers for Windows XP, Windows XP embedded, Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Vistax64 Edition, Windows 7, and Windows CE, Windows Mobile
  • Development of custom drivers for Apple Macintosh OS-X computers.
  • Development of drivers for broadband multimedia, audio and video applications
  • Drivers for high speed bus systems such as USB, IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire or i.Link™), and Bluetooth
  • Development of system-level Windows applications and function libraries.

 Examples of driver include:

  • USB Video capture driver
  • USB audio driver
  • USB custom high speed driver
  • Camera drivers
  • Wifi and 3G drivers
  • USB biometric drivers (fingerprints, scanners)

Electronic Renovation

End-of-Life? Renovation for Your Electronics

  • Use the advantage of modern  components, gain flexibility/new functionality and lower the cost of production as well as the risk of default.
  • Take over all previous functionality, complement the system with new functionlity, move without friction to the new electronic, avaoid any break in production.
  • We also take over the re-certification  and support you for quality management during teh production process.
  • Your advatage: Lower costs, higher flexibility and more functionality

Complex UI design

OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android, iOS and Embedded Systems